Rise’n Roll Donut Tri

Saturday, September 24th, 9:00 AM

This fun, low-key, non-sanctioned triathlon incorporates the fourth triathlon discipline: nutrition. Well, it includes eating.

The event will be:

  • One lap (300m) swim around a private pond
  • Hop on your bike and ride 1 mile to the main transition area
  • Check in at transition
  • Eat donuts to reduce your total time (optional)
  • 9 mile bike ride
  • Check in at transition
  • Eat more donuts to reduce your total time (optional)
  • 1 mile walk/run (run if you can, walk if you ate too many donuts)

There is a one-donut minimum to be considered an official event finisher. There are no t-shirts or awards.


The event main location and T2 is 3115 CR 72, Auburn, IN.

Setup time is 7:30 – 8:30. Race start is 9:00 sharp(ish). Your transition areas will be sections of grass, so leave the expensive gear at home. This is for FUN.

You’ll park near the main event location and set up your running stuff at the main transition area (T2). Shortly before the start, you’ll ride your bike the one mile down the road to the pond, with your cap, goggles, and anything else you need to go from swim to bike.

If you haven’t done any open water swimming before, this is about as close to a pool as you can get and still have it be called open water. We’ll be swimming the perimeter of the pond, and as long as you’re reasonably close to the edge, you can stand up.


Team Tritanium members can register for free. For non-members, it’s $5.00.

Register by filling out the form below. Send your registration fee via PayPal using this link: Send $5 Registration Fee. The event is limited to the first 50 people to register, team members or not.

If you’re registering more than one person, you have to fill out one form for each person, but you can send one payment for everyone. When you click on the PayPal link above, it will fill in $5.00, but you can change the amount once you log in.